Our Mission

Our ongoing and primary objective is to protect our clients’ interests on a fiduciary level.

The commercial real estate side of our consulting firm was founded by managing partners Sam Ketner & Nathan Brown. With over 30 years of combined experience between them in the commercial real estate market, they acquire the industry leading insight and experience you are looking for. Sam Ketner & Nathan Brown are dedicated to ensuring their clients are represented with the highest quality of service and industry knowledge.

Sam Ketner & Nathan Brown

Commercial real estate specialists in lake norman, nc

Our mission is to provide clients with the best market-driven real estate outcome. We devote ourselves to protecting you from parties that do real estate transactions on the daily basis and implement effective methods to reach an agreement that best supports your business goals. Whether it’s a leasing a new office or renewing a current lease, we understand the significance of being comfortable in your business space. Through our market knowledge and reputable experience, we aim to set your business up for success by providing the best terms possible for you and your company. We utilize our extensive market knowledge to represent tenants, buyers, and investors.


Sam Ketner and Nathan Brown are dedicated Commercial Realty Specialists In Lake Norman, NC (and the surrounding areas). Our team will spend a considerable amount time interviewing you and your department managers to understand your needs, goals, priorities, and corporate culture to align our services with your expectations. Once we know what services you require, we provide a comprehensive strategy to address your real estate needs.


Our negotiating and real estate market experience is extensive. Regardless of size, scale, service, or professional industry, our team provides a complete program of services that extends from identifying your needs in every step to monitoring your occupancy, growth or contraction, and operating expenses.  We apply our experience, resources, and services to thoroughly examine real estate expenses and help you make educated business decisions.


We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. We take note of your goals and constraints to create a program unique to your business. We then implement a comprehensive solution that produces real estate decisions in support of your business aspirations.

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Commonly, our firm has been regarded as the go-to option of major news sources.

Our commercial real estate knowledge can be found anywhere from The BBC Network (UK), articles published nationwide to even our exclusive YouTube Channel: “60 Second Consult”.

Sam Ketner on Speed TV

Sam Ketner & Nathan Brown provide regular guest commentary on SpeedTV.

Sam Ketner on The BBC Network, UK

Sam Ketner giving commentary on the US Housing market.

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